Load Integrity fixing:

Durham Pallet Services can help you if your load shifts during Transit by Resorting, Restacking or Repackaging products on trailers from our dock bays OR at your location before arriving to your Customers location avoiding customer refusal to be off loaded.

Many types of cargo such as corrugated fiberboard boxes are often formed into a unit load. This often consists of items on a pallet-secured by stretch wrap, shrink wrap, pressure-sensitive tape, or strapping. Larger shipping containers such as crates are often on skids / pallets and are ready for loading.

These unit loads are placed in refer, dry van or sea containers for shipment. Some large bundled items or large machinery are placed directly into or onto the transport vehicle for shipment.

Load securing functions to hold the unit pallet loads, crates, or other items immobile and secure. An unsecured load can shift in transit and create dangerous dynamics, damaging the cargo and the structure of the vehicle or intermodal container which is where Durham Pallet can help

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