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Our approach at Durham pallet is simple, we aim to provide a quality product and superior service by using our workforce and equipping them with the tools, education, training and support to make our team as strong as possible.

President: Jason Nitchie


PASS Training + Durham Pallet Services

Pallet Services

Durham Pallet Services are committed to keeping our workplace safe and since 2014 we have been part of the WSPS Health & Safety Group.

◎   Durham Pallet Services works proudly in partnership with North America’s largest pallet pool provider

◎   Being a member of the CWPCA, Durham Pallet has access to many resources to help us stay current in the industry

◎  Durham Pallet Services offers their customers a variety of pallet choices such as:
- new pallet build (GMA, standard size) *Heat Treat is available through a 3rd party service
- custom made pallet (designed to your requirements
- standard size good / used pallets 48*40 ready for issue

◎   Part of our quality commitment includes a clean and neat facility, A pest control program is conducted on a weekly basis

◎   Since 2015 Durham Pallet has held monthly safety meetings with the warehouse staff and managers so any and all concerns can be acted on in a timely manner

◎   Servicing: Toronto, GTA, Durham Region, Mississauga and Brampton area

Team Work

Customer Experience Cycle

  • A great customer service strategy always starts with understanding what your customer needs and at Durham Pallet Services we will:


  • Engage every single customer to find out exactly what they need


  • Purchase: Our staff will follow through on every purchase to ensure the customer is getting exactly what they have requested


  • Fulfillment: When we commit to your order, you will always have your request completed in full


  • Deliver: our customers will always have their order shipped correctly - or we will make it right.


  • Durham Pallet will stand behind every commitment we make together

Our Products and Services