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2001: DPS opens its doors for the first time with a staff of 3 people in an 18,000sqf wearhouse working with North America’s largest pallet provider.

2003: DPS expands to 23,000sqf.

2005: DPS expands again to 41,000sqf.

2006: With the help of Great West Life, DPS introduced extended health benefits for the staff members including medical and Dental.

2008: Keeping up with volume demands, a second shift was added to our production operation.

2010: Using the input from staff members, DPS overhauled its production layout creating a new workplace environment which focused on ergonomics and safety.

2015 - 2018: DPS has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to date on sort and repair equipment such as a HSIL (high speed inspection line) for pallet sorting and repair tables with tool Balancers.

2016: DPS enters the digital world creating a social media platform including a website.

2017 - 2018 DPS decides to Invest in staff members by offering a magnitude of workplace safety and self improvement courses.

2018: Keeping up with volume demands, a 3rd shift was added to our operation reaching us to 68 full time staff members.

2019: Durham Pallet adds new services such as on/off site Lumping Service and Cross Dock Service

2022: Focusing on ergonomics and the well-being of our staff, Durham invested into better equipment which gets us one step closer to our 'zero lifting' initiative


Over the years, we grew from 3 employees in 2001 to almost 60 staff members by the beginning of 2023 and we still currently occupy over 42,000sqf of warehouse space.


Durham Pallet Services are committed to keeping our workplace safe and since 2014 we have been part of the WSPS Health & Safety Group.

Durham Pallet Services will provide its workforce with a safe environment that stimulates diversity, innovation, teamwork and continuous learning while at the same time rewarding individual and group performance.

We Recycle

Wood Compactor:

In the summer of 2017, Durham Pallet bought and installed a wood compactor

  • Averaging over 35,000 lbs of wood waste a week which is diverted from landfills and turned into renewable energy/biofuel for the town of Ajax
  • Environmentally friendly

Corrugate recycling:

  • Since 2001 Durham Pallet has used the largest corrugate recycler in Ontario to pick up and recycle our unwanted material
  • Tons of corrugated sheets are picked up weekly for recycling
  • Recycled corrugate is turned into the usable material we all use daily
  • Environmentally friendly process

Reclaimed pallet wood:

  • As part of our repair policies, staff members will reuse all materials they can to recondition a damaged pallet before using new pre-cut material
  • Scrap pallets are tore down and all usable material are reused
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We take pride in one of the safest
workplaces around, as
we care about

our Staff Members.

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