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Do It Yourself

Durham Pallet is happy to provide you with pallets needed for your Do it yourself project. All you have to do is call

Here are examples of what you can do with pallets


This ornate bookshelf is made from 98% reclaimed pallet materials. 2% are likely accounted for in new screws or nails.


Many great designs and applications come in the form of the elegant 90 degree angles motif but certainly aren't limited to that.


Some great ideas follow that require additional materials, depending on design.


This rustic addition to that eye sore of an air conditioner, barely requires any demolition of your old pallets

ac cover
raised planter box

Backyard refinement never got more functional...


Keep skunks and rabbits out with a raised planter while strategically placing 1 or more in different locations around the yard to plan your choice of seeds based on light or shaded areas.

Complexity is no barrier as we see in these sturdy playground ideas.


Don't be shy about adding a few 4" x 4"s or 2"x 2"s to expand your imagination, the look and feel of reclaimed pallet materials are not lost in the adaptation.

picnic table

Chips and hot dogs anyone?


A little planning on paper might be worth while to know which angle to cut before assembly but worthwhile to have 1 of these in the backyard and avoid the ubiquitous kitchen clean up.

Getting back to real basics, this idea is reuse, not recycle. no demolition is required for this use of an old pallet or two.


Keep weeds to a minimum, your harvestables in neat accessible rows and just maybe avoid stepping on some while pruning etc...

garden beds

From simple and rustic to medium and functional or rugged advanced designs, there's no limit to the imaginative projects you can create with reclaimed pallets.

fair games