How does piece rate work?

Piece rate means you get paid for what you do. The harder you work, the more money you can make never falling under our minimum of 15.00/hour
Full breakdown is explained during your interview or orientation process. Most staff move to a piece rate system after 2-3 weeks. There are minimum quotas set out that you must meet daily

Is experience needed?

No, we can fully train anyone who wishes to learn the art of pallet repairing. Having used reciprocating saws and air nail guns really helps

How long does training last for?

Usually 2-3 days. 1st day you learn and get to understand our quality standards. 2nd day you shadow a veteran staff member as well shown your table and how things work. 3rd day you repair with a veteran staff member.

How long have you been in business for?

DPS started in 2001 with 3 staff members and as of November 2018 we have 68 full time staff members, we have experienced 30% growth over the past 2 years

Is this job labour intensive?

Bluntly put – yes. We had a job analysis completed in 2017 outlining the pallet repair tasks in detail which can be found on our website. It details everything from the weight of all tools used to the frequency of physical demands. We have invested thousands into ergonomically friendly tools and equipment to help make this hard job a little easier to do. Check out our repair video on our website to see how to repair a pallet

Do you have benefits?

Yes we do through GWL (Great West Life)
80% prescriptions
300.00 chiropractor service
300.00 therapy services
300.00 dietician services
1000.00 Dental along with check ups and cleanings

– We also hand out 150.00 safety gift cards for 2 years of service to all staff
– we help assist anyone looking to complete their grade 12 education through a co-op program provided by the DDSB
– 2 paid personal emergency leave days each year

Is there a dress code?

No dress code however you must adhere to our safety PPE requirements, PPE stands for ‘personal protection equipment’ and DPS requires all staff to have Steel Toe shoes / boots and reflective safety shirt / vests just to walk into the wearhouse.
DPS provides safety eye-ware.
Our facility is cold in the winter time (due to the extensive shipping and receiving we do daily) and hot in the summer time, so we recommend you dress appropriately

Is this job seasonal?

No, we are not seasonal however we do experience busy and slow times just like every other company