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Warehouse working can be dangerous business if people do not fulfill their responsibilities for on-site health and safety.

Learning your responsibilities is the first step. You should also be aware of other people’s responsibilities so you know who to talk to if you see a hazard.

Identify Controls

Health and safety hazards could be controlled if everyone knew their own responsibilities and acted on them.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations (O.Reg. 213/91) define the responsibilities of workplace parties such as employer, supervisor and worker. You can get a copy of the Act and Regs from IHSA or by visiting ihsa.ca.

Here are some examples of responsibilities of workplace parties.


• Provide equipment, materials and protective devices and maintain them.

• Ensure that everyone and all processes comply with the requirements of the law.

• Provide information and instruction to protect worker’s health and safety.

• Provide competent supervision.

• Acquaint workers with hazards

• Take every precaution reasonable to protect workers.

• Ensure that all workers are at least 16 years old.


• Ensure that the health and safety of workers are never in danger.

• Ensure that workers work safely, according to the law.

• Ensure that workers use and wear any protective equipment or clothing required by the law or the employer.

• Advise workers of any possible danger to their health and safety on the job.


• Work safely at all times.

• Wear any protective equipment or clothing that your employer requires you to wear.

• Never remove a safety guard or any protective equipment.

• Report to your employer or supervisor any protective device that is missing or not working properly.

• Report to your employer or supervisor any hazard in the workplace.

• Report any violations of the law.