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Our approach at Durham pallet is simple, we aim to provide a quality product and superior service by using our workforce and equipping them with the tools, education, training and support to make our team as strong as possible.

President: Jason Nitchie



Pallet services

Durham Pallet Services are committed to keeping our workplace safe and since 2014 we have been part of the WSPS Health & Safety Group.

◎   Durham Pallet Services works proudly in partnership with North America’s largest pallet pool provider

◎   Being a member of the CWPCA, Durham Pallet has access to many resources to help us stay current in the industry

◎   Largest Pallet Facility in the Durham Region

◎   Part of our quality commitment includes a clean and neat facility, A pest control program is conducted on a weekly basis

Team Work

We Recycle

Wood Compactor:

In the summer of 2017, Durham Pallet bought and installed a wood compactor

  • Averaging over 35,000 lbs of wood waste a week which is diverted from landfills and turned into renewable energy/biofuel for the town of Ajax
  • Environmentally friendly

Corrugate recycling:

  • Since 2001 Durham Pallet has used the largest corrugate recycler in Ontario to pick up and recycle our unwanted material
  • Tons of corrugated sheets are picked up weekly for recycling
  • Recycled corrugate is turned into the usable material we all use daily
  • Environmentally friendly process

Reclaimed pallet wood:

  • As part of our repair policies, staff members will reuse all materials they can to recondition a damaged pallet before using new pre-cut material
  • Scrap pallets are tore down and all usable material are reused
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We take pride in one of the safest
workplaces around, as
we care about

our Staff Members.

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